COVID-19 Korea Entry Restrictions _ 13JAN

COVID-19 Korea Entry Restrictions _ 13JAN

Updated restrictions regarding COVID-19 in S.Korea.(As of 13JAN)

*General Information:
The ones from the United Kingdom must take COVID 19 test.
Individuals are required to wear protective face coverings on public transportation, in most public indoor areas, and at any large gathering events.

*CREW Restrictions:
In Spite of COVID 19, South Korea does not restrict CREW members.
Crews do not require the VISA, 14 days Quarantine and COVID 19 test.
Exception : All crew from the UK must take the COVID 19 test.

!Safety Guidelines for Flight Crew during Stay in Accommodations(20.12.22~)
1.Do not leave where you’re staying in for purposes other than matters related to aircraft operation during your stay and do not invite anybody including family members and acquaintances.
2.Have your meals delivered through room service as much as possible during your stay and avoid using convenience facilities.
3.Monitor your health condition constantly during your stay with the self-diagnosis application installed upon arrival.

*Passenger Entry restriction :
1.All VISAs exemption entry into S.Korea for 90 countries except 21 countries will be suspended as of 13Apr
[See below unrestricted 21 countries](As of 13th Apr, 2020)
2. All valid single/multiple short-term VISAs issued before 05 Apr, 2020 are suspended (As of Apr 13)
(Exceptions : Long-term visa and short-term employment (C-4) visa)
3. All foreign passengers arriving in S.Korea should have an PCR negative result(English version) issued 72 hours prior to the departure date.(Effective 0001L on 08 JAN)
Crew is excluded from this restrictions.
All Korean passengers from the UK and South Africa should have an PCR negative result(English or Korean version) issued 72 hours prior to the departure date. It is same regulation as
foreign passengers.
4. PCR Negative Result must contain following information.
-Name, Date of Birth, Passport Number.
-Test Method: Real time PCR is required to verify the inspection method.
-Date of Inspection, Date of Issue: Required to confirm conformity of criteria within 72 hours of departure.
-Official seal of the issuing authority.
5. All passengers(except for Korean) who depart from Bangladesh, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Uzbekistan, The UK, South Africa(Newly Add_Effective 0000L Jan 01 2021. Even Korean
passengers from these two countries, must hold PCR negative result.) shouldn’t depart if they cannot submit confirmation documents proving their PCR test turns negative. Confirmation
issued within 72 hours from departure is only accepted. If passengers don’t have the documents or issue is over 72 hours, immigration to S.Korea is rejected. Regulations on isolation at a
governmental facility is separately applied. These restrictions are not applicable to crews. (Effective 0000L on 13rd July)
!! Pakistan(deleted, 20.10.26~), Nepal(added, 20.11.02~), Kazakhstan(deleted, 20.11.12~), The UK(added, 21.01.01), South Africa(added, 21.01.01)

*Quarantine Regulations:
1. All passengers entering S.Korea will be quarantined 14 days and required COVID 19 test
!Korean nationals/foreign nationals of long-term stay : will be quarantined at registered address and be tested within 3 days at local county
!All foreign nationals of short-term visit : will be quarantined at designated facilities with own expense and be tested within 1-3 days at airport or facility.
2. Mandatory screenings are ongoing for international arrivals at all ports of entry nationwide, and testing is almost certain for symptomatic passengers. Officials will screen travelers
with COVID-19 symptoms immediately and transport other passengers from Incheon International Airport (ICN) to designated testing facilities in Seoul.
3. COVID-19 test will take 1-2 days. A 14-day self-quarantine requirement remains in place for all international travelers, regardless of testing outcomes.

*For exemption of 14 days quarantine(Submit to Korean Embassy or Consulate Generals)
1. Purpose of Visit : (a) important business/academic activities, (b) activities related to public services, (c) urgent humanitarian reasons
2. Necessary doc : Copy of passport, Travel Itinerary, Confirmation letter of hotel reservation, Invitation letter, medical certificate, written oath
3. Passengers who have an exemption letter from Korean embassy will be exempted 14 days quarantine upon arrival.
4. Quarantine exemption letter holders will go to the hotel designated by the government and take the COVID 19 test and stay 1-2 days there until they receive the result.

*Transit restrictions
1. Transit is allowed within 24 hours from arrival time.
2. All foreigners: Transit without a Visa is available including departing from China, except nationals of Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Egypt.
3. Passengers who nationality of Thailand, Mongolia and Russia are not allowed to transfer in Korea.
– Nationals of Thailand, Mongolia and Russia are allowed to transit through Korea if they depart from and arrive in a 3rd country. (as of Jun 5)
– Nationals of Thailand are allowed to transit through Korea if they are departing from Thailand to a 3rd country and they have documents issued by the Thai Embassy or Consulate General in
the United States and returning to Thailand. (as of Jun 5)

There is no limit on quantity due to eased regulations on masks.

!!! Unrestricted 21 Countries (Visa-Free entry):
Asia Pacific(3)
Guam, New Caledonia, Palau
USA, Guyana, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominica, Barbados, Venezuela, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Malta, Ireland, United Kingdom, Monaco, Vatican, San Marino, Andorra, Albania, Slovenia

*Parking restriction:
Since many commercial aircrafts are staying on the ground, it is very difficult to get GA parking spots
But we can arrange overnight parking at RKSI. And quick turnaround parking at RKSS and RKPC and hangar space at RKSS as well. RKSS has one parking spot for overnight up to GLF4.
We’re ready to help you with any issue and any time.

Thank you and best regards
UBjet Aviation Jason LIM

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