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UBjet Aviation is committed to providing outstanding aircraft support service for business and private aviation. We provide on-airport support service, including but not limited to ground handling, fueling, and crew/passenger service, throughout Korea. Our people handle your aircraft, passengers, and crews with sincere care. UBjet Aviation continuously seeks to improve the quality of our service and customer satisfaction through the secure and efficient operation.


Ubjet Aviation Flight support team assists you 24/7 with a prompt response. We promise the strong and attentive crew support through experience as a dispatcher and crew. We are pursuing accuracy and sincere caring service for your safe and enjoyable trip

Provide and Verify Airway
Check and Inform NOTAM & Significant Weather
File and Change the ATS Flight Plan
Slot Coordination
Crew Briefing NOTAM/Weather


We support your operation successfully with the correct and fast action. We get reliable Landing and Overflight permits for you.
Landing Permit

Lead time 1-7 business days
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Overflight Permit

Lead time less than 2 days


Ubjet Aviation helps for high-quality and low-cost refueling by coordinating with local IPAs specialized in aviation oil(Jet A1, AVGAS).


Ubjet Aviation does the best to maximize customer satisfaction on air transportation through mediation of charter sales, purchase, leading to private jet markets at the same time. We protect our valuable customers’ treasured time and value, preventing restrictions of time, place and services.

We promise to offer special experience beyond basic notions of movement, by customizing business jet consultations which are totally distinguished from commercial jets.

Charter Brokerage

We find the economical and convenient private jet for you via worldwide network.

Consulting Services

With a long career and experiences, we provide a consulting service of acquiring aircraft, running flight team and so on.


We arrange in-flight caterers available at the primary airports. We are connectedwith a commercial airline catering service, 5-star hotels andgood local restaurants.


We provide door to door escort service to passengers using Private jet/commercial airlines upon arrival, departure, and transit. All procedures go smoothly at airport with professionalism through the operational excellence and efficient customer service.

We listen to you every time, and evolve every day to serve the best experience on your journey. 

With us, your trip will always be fun, comfortable, and successful.

Don’t waste time searching the unfamiliar airports for your vehicle! We arrange transportation for passengers and crews for their comfortable journey. Ubjet aviation support team always takes care of clients’ time and convenience

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